Are you hungry? At A2Z Cafe we make sure your breakfast in Fishers, Indiana is the best tasting meal of the day. Did your mom always say that breakfast was probably the most important meal of the day? Well, it turns out she was always correct. In today’s society, more and more researchers who study the morning meal are finding that breakfast plays a key role in healthy living. And yet lots of individuals sacrifice it in their rush to venture out the door. “The average American avoids breakfast,” says Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and author of The African American Guide to Living Well With Diabetes. “You’re skipping breakfast and oftentimes you skip lunch as well, so by the time you do eat, you’re ravenous and overeat.” That’s not a good idea for a many reasons, as researchers have come to understand. Especially when you have the opportunity to eat breakfast at A2Z Cafe!

Breakfast’s Advantages

As its name really means, the purpose of breakfast is to break the fast between dinner and lunch. Here’s what happens when you don’t eat a morning meal: Your body enters into a prolonged fasting state. It starts to believe that you won’t be eating any time soon. When you finally eat lunch, your body stores it as fat because it thinks, “I ‘d better save this for later. I don’t know when the next meal will come.” That, of course, leads to weight gain. When you break the fast in the morning, on the contrary, your body can use that food to power you through the day.

Excluding kicking your body into gear and keeping hunger at bay, why should you bother with breakfast? “The research shows that, without a doubt, students do better in school with breakfast,” says Brown-Riggs. “It helps in terms of fitness.” It affects the mind, too: Breakfast eaters are more productive at work, have better analytic skills, and increased mental clarity.

People Who Eat Breakfast Are…

Not only that, but people who eat breakfast tend to have a healthier diet overall. “We know, when we consider the characteristics of individuals who are breakfast skippers, that they get inadequate amounts of fruits and vegetables,” says Heather Leidy, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri. “They are deficient in calcium and other minerals.” On average, breakfast skippers snack more often, they eat more sugary, high-fat snacks, drink more soda, are most likely to overeat at night, and are more often overweight or obese than breakfast eaters.

Regardless, breakfast in Fishers is especially important for people with diabetes. For someone on insulin, if there’s no food involved, that person runs the risk of hypoglycemia. Even if you use fast-acting insulin to cover carbs, you shouldn’t avoid breakfast. “What we know from research is that there’s far better glycemic control when a person’s carbohydrates are spread out,” says Brown-Riggs.

Healthy Choices for Breakfast in Fishers breakfast fishers in

” We’re not advocating eating any breakfast,” says Leidy. “Eat a healthy breakfast.” The best breakfasts are low in carbs and fat, and high in protein and fiber. Essentially, you should get between 7 and 10 grams of fiber at breakfast, which will fill you up. (The recommended daily fiber intake is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men, though most people don’t hit that mark.).

” Breakfast that has protein added in it is what creates that satiety and prevents snacking later on,” says Brown-Riggs. In a study conducted by Leidy, participants ate either a high in carbs, high-sugar breakfast of cereal and milk or a high-protein, low-saturated-fat, low-sodium breakfast of egg whites.

At the end of the study, people who ate the cereal felt less full after the meal and reported being hungrier in the afternoon as opposed to the egg eaters. Plus, says Leidy, “with a high-protein breakfast, you’re not going to obtain a huge spike in blood sugar.”. Sounds like one of our California omelets…

Putting It Together.

The majority of people have the same gripe when it comes to breakfast: There’s no time in the morning. It seems easier to grab a cereal bar or some delicious-looking pastry that’s calling your name as you wait in line at Starbucks. Truth is, breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated. “It doesn’t have to be a sit-down meal,” says Leidy. Sure, an egg white omelet loaded with veggies is certainly a  treat, but there are also simple and fast breakfasts that you can easily eat on the go.

If you plan ahead, breakfast may be simply a matter of microwaving food before you leave the house– or, if you’re in a time crunch, microwave your breakfast at work. Try prepping oatmeal the night before. In the morning, you can just add water or low-fat milk and heat. A tasty alternative to the same old oatmeal is to top it with fruit and grated cheese, says Brown-Riggs.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast in Fishers

Have a toasted English muffin with ham and vegetable juice; a whole-wheat wrap spread with Greek-style yogurt and layered with fruit; or a low-carb bagel topped with egg whites and a slice of turkey. Each has a really good mix of protein, carbs, and fiber. “Those are all good, easy, quick breakfasts,” says Brown-Riggs. You can always look for the best brunch in Indianapolis.

Let Your Breakfast in Fishers, IN Be Your Very Best

If you don’t already eat breakfast, “start off slow,” says Brown-Riggs. “Don’t start trying to have a big breakfast. It may be starting with a slice of toast for a week and eating more gradually.” Spend time finding out which foods fill you up and which leave you hungry an hour later. In the near future you’ll work out how to eat to stay full, and have a lot of energy throughout the day. No matter what, eat a healthy breakfast, and you do it at A2z Cafe.