If you’re like some, you don’t live in Indianapolis. But you’ve heard that Indianapolis is place you’d love to visit. There are some people that live in small towns that visit Indy, and when they come they often look for restaurants to visit. If breakfast is your favorite meal, you probably look for “breakfast place Indianapolis” when you search Google or Bing.

Discover Places for Breakfast in Indianapolis

Don’t get us wrong, there are a few places that have been good places to eat. But often, they’re part of a restaurant chain. It’s the local breakfast places in Indianapolis that have you hooked. If you have a heart for local business owners that will provide quality and an atmosphere that is second to no other. Come to A2Z Cafe, because the owners honestly put their heart into every bit of their work. It is their livelihood to succeed. Their intention for starting a restaurant came from a wish and a desire to provide value to others. A2Z is the kind of place that has great tasting food with smiles and excitement to serve. Again, that place is A2Z Cafe, the best breakfast place in Indianapolis!

Best of all the Breakfast Places in the Indianapolis Area

With a happy staff, a wonderful professional cook and a veteran couple running this local place; you’ll have nothing but great things to say about this Indianapolis breakfast place. Look forward to Tom’s Special.  The bacon, ham, sausage, polish sausage, onions, provolone and breakfast potatoes, topped with sausage gravy.  This truly lives up to the term, “Legen…..dary”! It is hearty and filling and the taste will be on your heart and mind for days to come. The Aloha Benedict is a very special dish. It’s an English muffin topped with Portuguese sausage, grilled pineapple, poached eggs and real hollandaise sauce. Yummy!! This is served with breakfast potatoes, sliced tomatoes or a fresh fruit cup. There are these and many other dishes to choose from, and each have their on individual taste that is referred to as comfort food by many. Just an awesome taste to a dish you may have had many times before, but not as special as this. Come on out to A2Z Cafe. You’re always welcome.