When it’s breakfast time in Indianapolis, it’s usually time to be at work. Many people have coffee and a small snack like a bagel, oat meal or share.  Some use drive through to gain their breakfast. I would like to purpose to you that A2Z Cafe has the best meal of the day.

Breakfast at A2Z Cafe

Breakfast Time IndianapolisOur cafe has the most important meal of the day. Breakfast time in Indianapolis should be spent with us and our unique deliciously tasting omelettes.  Our fabulous potatoes and sides. Try out our breakfast steak, eggs sunny side up and warm savory bacon. All along with a hot cup of coffee.

Continue your week with breakfast time Indianapolis favorites

Have a hearty cup of soup with a sandwich during our breakfast time Indianapolis. You won’t be disappoint, actually, you will be filled and ready for your work day. Avoid the fast food that can leave you tired and desiring snacks at mid morning. Have our cheesy shirred eggs with bacon and green veggies,  along with a nibbling of a freshly baked roll. Your desire is food, sustenance for the day and ours is creating fulfilling tasty morsels to satisfy your appetite.