There are times where you want an omelette restaurant. A place where they know omelettes. You can just order and the veggie Red, White and Green Omelette; and not have to worry about telling your server to add the tomato, onion, spinach, mushroom and cheese. Something that can only be done at an omelette restaurant.

Upscale Restaurant or Upscale Omelette? Both?

Visit us enough and we will remember what you like. Enjoy our food enough and you’ll discover the hidden gem of the restaurant we are. We’re not the expensive omelette spot with the fine upscale surroundings, but the relaxed, calm place. The “upscale” is in our taste!

Omelette Palace

There are upscale omelette restaurants and there are upscale omelettes. Our omelette restaurant has the latter.  We create the delightful packed, filling toasted egg omelette that has been named the “life changing” omelette.

We Are Your Omelette Restaurant

Not only the Red, White and Green, but the California Omelette will satisfy. Bacon, tomato, American cheese with avocado slices on top and a side of sour cream is here. A2Z Cafe, we are your omelette restaurant. Visit us at 4705 East 96th Street #35, Indianapolis, IN 46240. Or call us at (317) 569-9349