The term “Pancake Restaurant” says a lot of things.  It’s cold outside and also the holiday season.  During this time, there are those days where you struggle to get bundled up to go out shopping for groceries, or gifts for family and friends.  Why not slip into a cozy restaurant? Like A2Z Cafe. Just leave the cold air behind you and take on a nice warm, inviting atmosphere.

A Normal Pancake Spot

There are pancake restaurants, places that seat you and go by the normal protocol.  You receive a menu and place an order.  When you’re finish, mostly likely you will be full and leave the standard tip.  When you remember the event, it seems to be uneventful.  Well, that is “A” pancake restaurant.  “The” Pancake Restaurant has so much more.

“The Pancake Restaurant”

A2Z is “The Pancake Restaurant”.  Greeted with a smile. It’s already understood that you will receive a menu and place and order. Short topics and flavorful suggestions tickle your ears with dialogue from your waiter and also the menu. An anticipation covers you as your waiter walks away to request your meal choice from the cook. Then our calm atmosphere approaches you, relax and take it in.Not the normal pancake spot

We Have That Unique Taste

Pancakes are so tasty, they have a unique character to their taste.  “this one I’ll label A2Z’s pancake”, you’ll think.  That’s right, we have our own taste, our individual, unique comfort pancake taste.  A taste that you can enjoy in the moment and crave later.  A2Z is “The Pancake Restaurant”.